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Basirah Raheem is an International, Poet,  Seeker, and Inspirational Speaker from Newark New Jersey. Basirah is the  The Creative Director of the  Diversity Equity Inclusion Creative L.AB. & Consulting firm OPPYMCO  (OPtimize Purpose You Magnify) . Basirah  Podcast  Young Black Muslimah the narrated journey and experiential self-help guide has been a support for black women in the Hip Hop Arts and culture community to connect to Islam through her relatable perspective. Basirah is focused on being a striving student of knowledge learning from teachers in UK, US Senegal,Yemen, and Egypt. By prioritizing her spiritual journey and reliance on Allah and Allah Alone;She is rooting herself in Traditional Islamic Arts and Sciences.  


Basirah also serves her community as an advocate for women's rights & certified private Birthcoach/Doula assisting women for over 8 years in Home and Hospital Births. "Allah placed an innate calling in me to serve & advocate for women" Basirah offers a sacred support for

women in her community". 

"My Purpose is to Worship Allah with everything I have been made to be their is nothing else for me" 


"To Allah I belong and to Allah I will return" 

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