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Immersed in the tapestry of words and nature , Basirah Raheem  also know as Boshia Raejean is a visionary poet, an embodiment of creativity, and a guardian of sacred wisdom. As the founder of OPPYMCO, Basirah Raheem orchestrates symphonies of inspiration, weaving together artistry and insight to illuminate the path of the creative journey.

Basirah has Artistically worked with Parsons New School, United Nations, Adidas, Pat McGrath, Refinery 29, Lancôme, Target, Clinique and more 

Helping women through their modesty journey through her soul style Diaries Boshia shares on her platform 

"In fact, she had career ambitions from the time she was 16 of being a creative director. "I actually took a liking to the aesthetic of being able to showcase art through clothing and showcase a feeling and a mood through clothing and through makeup," she explains. 

Boshia's Bustle Feature  further explains 

The Grio named Basirahs podcast Young Black Muslimah   #14 on podcast by multifaceted black women  her podcast is the  narrated journey and experiential self-help guide   that connects people to Islam in the Hip Hop Arts and culture community . 

With the soul of a poet, Basirah Raheem  crafts verses, and stanzas that dance between worlds, exploring the depths of human emotion and the mysteries of existence. Each word a brushstroke, each line a melody, her poetry transcends boundaries, inviting others to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and transformation.

Boshia has been featured in Vogue Arabia Article:

Meet the New Generation of Black, Female Muslim Emcees

As a seeker of sacred knowledge, Basirah Raheem delves into the realms of ancient wisdom, drawing inspiration from mystic traditions and philosophical teachings. Guided by the first light of inner truth, she navigates the labyrinth of existence, uncovering hidden treasures of insight and enlightenment.

Basirah is a Creative Educational Consultant at OPPYMCO that has worked with  BET Networks, Warby Parker , Horya Academy, New Jersey Performance Art Center, Def Jam Recordings, Muslim, Glow Recipe, and more 

Through OPPYMCO , Basirah Raheem channels her passion for creativity into a beacon of guidance and inspiration for fellow artists and seekers alike. With a blend of intuition and expertise, she empowers individuals and organizations to unlock their full creative potential and manifest  their visions with the manifester into reality.

In a world hungry for meaning and beauty, Basirah stands as a luminary, a bridge between the seen and the unseen, the mundane and the divine. With every stroke of the pen she invites us to glimpse the boundless realms of imagination and possibility, reminding us that within each of us lies the spark of the infinite."


"To The Origin we Belong and to the Origin I will return" 

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