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Inner Beauty Work  

Everything you do Starts with the inner you

You shouldn't feel guilty for prioritizing your Healing

There is no need to stop now your breakthrough is coming to you

Being patient is important right now

Love where you are and protect your healing journey

You are Poetry

Stanza after Stanza your story is the best of you even in the hardest of times 

Advocacy can give you a since of relief

 Turning your pain into power 

Your joy into flowers

 Protest for you in the most beautiful way with truth love and grace

Bonding those around you to who you are in every layer you choose to expose

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Hip Hop Art & Culture 
Intergration in Everyday Education

Are the students behind or are you?

Notice how there is lack of interest in class

Students are just  Not Interested in the Lessons being taught.

The test scores just keep dropping

We are not teachers anymore ,

We are Creative Educational Developers.

Inspiring Heart to Heart

Forgetting Your Intentions.. 

Are daily task boring to You...
Getting distracted in Meetings ...

Not Delivering on your Deliverables..

Missing Deadlines..

How can you do anything if you are not

buzzing with passion to reach the goal?

Queen Get Your Qnowledge

In Many Languages the word school 

is a feminine noun

Its not a coiensdence 

For Centuries Women have been the school the first teacher of her children

 Seeking knowledge of self & our souls purpose consistently 

Protects us from oppression

Are you ready to enter the Queendom?

Taking Mindful



Its Okay if you are Not Okay,

Think to yourself how often do you take time to reflect or be just be.....

Did you take time-out Graditude today?

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Layers of Modesty 

Do you ever feel inspired by people who are modest in their personal style and in character ?


They understand their worth and vibrate at a high value  frequency and accomplish all of their goal?

Aligning With Your Authentic Self

The world today can have you being a version of yourself that's fake.


Some may not speak their truth out of fear of what people will think, some may struggle with fulfilling their purpose ,some people may feel exhausted but still try to work or study with a smile.

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