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Maya Angelo Said


that the most incredible agony is a story untold


Within Most Schools and workplaces we have seen what a lack of empathy or sympathy can result in the humans, we see every day. 

When you are Solely focusing on coming and going, 

Accomplishing goals that exhaust you, to the point where you are not able to show up as your full authentic self, we lose balance and self-awareness. Sometimes we are not able to advocate for ourselves in the most beautiful way to some it can come across as rage, but all too often our experiences and feelings are suppressed by our own doing or the environment we exist in. 


It is necessary to know the story of those you are colleagues with at your workplace or fellow students you attend classes with. Knowing these stories builds a beautiful productive environment that supports Employees and students, to live poetically and inspires innovation to make our world more just and beautiful.


The Beauty of your story can heal you and those around you.

You are Poetry

Heal Within Your Poetic Narrative

Stanza after Stanza your story is the best of you even in the hardest of times 

Advocacy can give you a since of relief

 Turning your pain into power 

Your joy into flowers

 Protest for you in the most beautiful way with truth love and grace

Bonding those around you to who you are in every layer you choose to expose

Listeners & Audience Will
Explore the selfawareness
Understand how to advocate with love 
Write a Poetic Narrative poem 
Explore the beauty of their story
Learn a healing way to envision their life journey 
Perfect For

Ted Talks

UN Adresses

First Year/ Orientation

Master Class for Pre-Teen & Teenage Girls 

Inner Beauty Work  

Women Healing & Empowerment

Beauty is in the soul of the lover



You are the most beautiful soul, full of service in your home, community, school, and workplace. Your vibe lights up the room and continues to become the talk of the places you leave. Healing is not easy but it's worth it, you do the work because you need to, not because you want to light up rooms. You show up to heal because you are ready, becoming, and transitioning into the person you always wanted to be. It's time to start saying you are beautiful, and not due to the way you look. The creator took time to beautify your soul so that your presence and the light that was gifted to you is felt not seen.


You have a  responsibility to beautify it, That is why you show up for your Inner beauty work and will continue to invest in your growth. Deep down you know that your soul is worth more than any beauty procedure or cosmetic that money can buy. 


You are an Inner Beauty Queen cleanse your heart with love and patience. 


Everything you do Starts with the inner you

You shouldn't feel guilty for prioritizing your Healing

There is no need to stop now your breakthrough is coming to you, being patient is important right now. Love where you are and protect your healing journey

Listeners & Audience Will
Discover the importance of  good character
Connect to their soul and its sacred goals
Become consistent with their healing journey 
Explore the parts within that need healing
Begin to understand and protect their inner child 
Perfect For

Leadership Empowerment Confrences

Mental HealthWellness Confrensces

Women Empowerment 

Beauty Confrences 

Inner Beauty Work
You Are Poetry

Hip Hop Art & Culture 
Integration in Everyday Education

"It's broken so we had to reinvent it "


Check yourself before you wreck yourself, This is a saying we commit ourselves to in Hip Hop we know if you do not have self-awareness, basic preparedness, and respect, you will not go far. You have to be able to meet humans, therefore, students where they are, not where you want them to be.

Knowledge should always evolve us into our best selves. Hip-hop is seen as vulgar and inappropriate in the classroom. Meeting the Children where they are, requires us to understand them listen to them and inspire critical thought, imaginative expression, and increase literacy. So the students can choose to build a  better future, without them being judged or ridiculed. Communication is a large part of this, and Hip Hop is the most internationally shared language and culture.


Understanding that we lack the tools to adjust in education after the pandemic, and knowing Hip Hop Art & Culture was formulated with the same lack. Genius grew to become a universal language and educational tool because geniuses are people who are exceptionally intelligent or creative, no matter their circumstances. Within this cultivation, they learn to teach, teach to continue learning and benefit to be benefited.


MN Mentor Awards-Fresco-1064_edited.png

Are the students behind or are you?

Notice how there is lack of interest in class

Students are just  Not Interested in the Lessons being taught.

The test scores just keep dropping

We are not teachers anymore ,

We are Creative Educational Developers.

Listeners & Audience Will
Explore the best ways to approach Literacy today
Understand how to cultivate innovators
Explore new methods of social emotional learning
Know what is needed to advance their students learning process
Discover  new ways to teach and inspire students 
Create a Lesson Plan with Love
Perfect For

Leadership Development 

Teachers Development 

 Leadership & Education

Educational Confrences

Queen Get Your Qnowledge

Seeking Sacred Knowledge

MN Mentor Awards-Fresco-0886.jpg

In Many Languages the word school 

is a feminine noun

Its not a coiensdence 

For Centuries Women have been the school the first teacher of her children

 Seeking knowledge of self & our souls purpose consistently 

Protects us from oppression

Are you ready to enter the Queendom?

Increasing any society, community, and environment's well-being starts with you, knowing where you are, and what you need to do to evolve, this will support your daily intentions. Seeking knowledge guides us into realms of ourselves that we never thought existed inspiring confidence that becomes your character.


When you Seek better, you become better in the process. Once you pick a major in college or an interest in school, you study, a Career you take training, and start a business you get certified.  Becoming the woman you have been destined to be, takes time studying, passing or failing tests, applying what you know in real-time, and servicing to support yourself on your quest for you.


Facing many adversities as a woman, gear yourself with knowledge that softens your life. Protecting your peace, knowing your rights, and shining inherited light.


A nation can rise no higher than its women

- Malcolm x 


So know that you are a nation and not one person can depend on you unless you depend on yourself first and seek to Qnow, the one true source of your power.

Listeners & Audience Will
Explore their life's Purpose
Learn to trust their intuition
Explore their personal journey to seek sacred knowledge 
Plan Their journey to seek sacred knowledge 
Understand their Divine given status
Prioritize  their goals Pursue to Excellence 
Perfect For

Women Empowerment Confrences

Women's History Month Events 

Women in Leadership & Education

Master Class for Pre-Teen & Teenage Girls 

Queen Get Your Qnowledge
Hip Hop Art & Culture  Integration in Everyday Education

Inspiring Heart to Heart

Being an Inspiring Leader

Forgetting Your Intentions.. 

Are daily task boring to You...
Getting distracted in Meetings ...

Not Delivering on your Deliverables..

Missing Deadlines..

How can you do anything if you are not

buzzing with passion to reach the goal?

There is not one formula that is perfect for becoming the best leader, but to discover the one formula that works for you takes time and grace.

There is no perfect way to lead, often times leading can feel exhausting when void of passion. Increasing our understanding of the simplicity of our being helps us to become better leaders. How is your Heart? When Do you feel peace in your heart?  What do you need in order to feel motivated?  Why do I need to complete this? All four of these questions make up what you need, to truly be consistently Inspired. 


Access what makes you inspired in your heart first and let your mind connect the dots to inspire hearts.

MN Mentor Awards-Fresco-0921_edited.jpg
Listeners & Audience Will
Explore the 5 basics of being g inspired
Understand how to cultivate inspirational spaces 
Explore what's is holding your teamback 
Know what is needed to advance the productivity in your space
Learn daily tools to maintain inspiration
Connect to the hearts of those they  lead 
Perfect For

Leadership Development 

Oprentation/First Year Experience 

Student Success

Taking Mindful Time
MN Mentor Awards-Fresco-0889_edited_edit

Taking Mindful



Its Okay if you are Not Okay,

Think to yourself how often do you take time to reflect or be just be.....

Your worth is not your work you are more than enough

You can slow down snf 

Did you take time-out for Gratitude today?

Reki, Mindfulness & Breathwork

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare." -Audre Lord


  Burnout is normalized when goals are accomplished, deadlines are met and assignments are submitted on time. The reality is Burnout is not healthy. Mindful time at consistent times of the day consecutively forming a habitual lifestyle change will always support the expansion of your time. You begin feeling more accomplished without burnout being a result. Understand that this is a new concept caring for yourself is not seen as important in environments that require you to keep your head down and work, which is why you need to take mindful time. Reflecting supports your self-awareness and guides your mind to connect with your heart. Are you happy? How do you feel about this task at this moment?


Are you Ready to take your mindful time? Value your existence enough to slow down, be still, pray, breathe, meditate, be in nature, and love your soul.


Take mindful time to rise from Burnout and Fly into your Phoniex era. 

Listeners & Audience Will
Explore the best suited mindful method 
Understand mindful time and its benefits
Explore their bodies connection as a mindful time radar
Know when to take mindful time
Discover  the flourishing productivity before and after mindful time
Create a daily plan for mindfulness
Perfect For

Orientation/First Year Experience

Mental HealthWellness Confrences

Student Development 

Collective Sucess

MN Mentor Awards-Fresco-0921_edited_edit

Layers of Modesty

Women Healing & Empowerment


Do you ever feel inspired by people who are modest in their personal style and in character ?They understand their worth and vibrate at a high value  frequency and accomplish all of their goals.


What's the formula?

“A Human is Layered and more than meets the eye once given an open and safe space, to become"



To be honest it is not something that exist, there is no formula.  As humans we go through trauma that affects our character, which affects how we feel about ourselves.This often can show up on the outside with the way we dress and take care of ourselves or within our being. 


Basirah Raheem  supports her audience through their modest journey by establishing their internal goals, by undergoing a societal deprograming and reveal the layers of modesty that stay hidden everyday


All you need is 3 minutes with Boshia,  you will connect with her openness and passion, it is such an inspiring superpower. This superpower came from her trials and she is very detailed on how to own your layers of modesty


.This program is intended to help individuals and groups ready to become grounded in their self respect, trust and self awareness in order to build a modest foundation layered with pure intentions.


Perfect For

Girl/ Women Empowerment Spaces

Fashion Conventions/Award 

Community Development 

Diversity and Equity Workshops

Listeners & Audience Will
Explore their life's Purpose
Learn to trust their intuition
Explore and connect to their layers of modesty 
Resemble their Divine given status in character 
Prioritize  their goals Pursue to Excellence 
Layers of Modesty
MN Mentor Awards-Fresco-1064_edited.png

Aligning With Your Authentic Self

Being an Inspiring Leader


The world today can have you being a version of yourself that's fake.


Some may not speak their truth out of fear of what people will think, some may struggle with fulfilling their purpose ,some people may feel exhausted but still try to work or study with a smile.

Sometimes it is because we are just not in alignment with our authenticity. Constantly trying to evolve with the times can be exhausting but evolving with yourself can be so rewarding. 


Basirah Raheem is purposed with unveiling the authenticity in every leader that is waiting to emerge,Truly aligning leaders to the self  that is the most inspiring by ensuring that authenticity what breaks through the shells formulated to hide.


It is an enlightening program that consistently reminds you how to stay on the path of truth and to be authentic throughout your life's journey in leading brave and aligned spaces whether it be a classroom or a boardroom.

Explore the selfawareness
Understand how to advocate authentically 
Write daily authentic  affirmations 
Explore the depths of their personhood
Learn a healing way to envision their life journey 
Listeners & Audience Will
Perfect For

Orientation/First Year Experience

Student Development 

Collective Sucess

Aligning With Authenticity
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